The most beautiful beach of Greece

Guess…? Have you ever been there? If not, I am recomandig for you Navagio, the best beach from Zakyntos, the island of Greece. This is one of the most popular tourist attractions from the island. There is a story… the story about “smugglers wreck” when the ship wrecked in 1982.

I think that you are interested when and what  to take to go. So, my recomanded are the May, June, Septembre and Octombre months because you can support the temperature. In summer is very, very hot, 32 ⁰C, sometimes over. Obviously, there is climate mediterranean with warm summers and gently winters.

To arrive at Navagio beach, is mandatory to take a boat. As well, if you wanna have a view like me, can rent a car, is just 50 euro/day and you can drive around the island, or you can take an excursion to go up to the hill, 183 meters above. You will do a big mistake if you don’t go in both of the places “up and down”.

Not all the time the sea is very quiet, sometimes with big waves and the ship cannot anchors close to the shore and you can go just if you are a good swimmer. When I was there, the sea was like this, crowded. I had seasick. I couldn’t enjoy the beach, the white and very soft sand like my crazy friend who went on a beach. She took in one hand the phone to take pictures, and with other hand she swam. Fortunately, she comeback healty.

I, my boyfriend and my friend’s boyfriend waiting for her to comeback and “praying” to leave. 😁

Do you have this seasick? Just go prepared there for any inconvenience, cause anyway you will not enjoy the most beautiful place, beach, sand, water of Zakynthos.

I hope you will like it!

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