The city of dreams

Hey again. Which one is the city of dreams for you?

For me, that city is Dubai. Is not just the city of dream but is also the city of all possibilities. Where to start from? I cam talk so much about…

Before to start to work on a cruise ship I was in vacation with one of my best friend in Dubai. I was so excited that I and Camy, my friend, could not believe that we were there. The first sensation when I passed in UAE state was the heat. The time was around 21.00 and I could not breath because the high heat, but do not be scared, with this ”problem” you get used quickly.

Taxi is not cheap but also is not very expansive. For example, from aerport to the hotel, between 30-40km was 100 dirhami, 22 euros.

I had accomodation in 3 stars hotel but I can tell you that those 3 stars were 4 and half :)). The first place where I have been in that night was Dubai Marina, full of restaurants. We seated to arabic one, just arabic music all the time which can send it to you a great feeling. They are crazy for shisha with lots of tastes, I was too…

I was very very impresed to see how every single night they clean all the streats. After 3.00am everything is coming to be closed and the workers start to clean, and the next day all is shine.

The beach, I chose one for tourists.”Barasti Beach” is the name, with a large beach, opening to the warm golf. There are lots of beach beds for everyone, is not necesarry to feel the sand in your hair, so I kindly recomand to you.

I think that you are curious to find about them culture. Depends who family the wemen are part of, they wear ”abaia” with cover face or without. The wemen are ”incredible beauties”. Like tourist, I could use any kind of cloths in limit of common sense. It is recomanded to cover a little bit more your ”intim parts of body”. I felt in safe there at any time in day or night.

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