9 months on cruise ship

I would like to start with the begining to explain you in 2 words how is the life for crew members on cruise ship. It’s unique and unforgettable.

Because I got lots of messages to ask me how I got it there, how is the life, how is the work and a lot of other questions, I decided to write this article for you.

If you read about me, you know which department I was working on, if not, I will shortly tell you that I was Nail Technician on 2 of cruise ships. One of them, the biggest cruise ship in the world, #Harmony of the Seas, Royal Caribbean.

In one day of summer, very stressful, very monotonous… it was a worked day, I was thinking to send my CV to one of the agency which was recruiting for cruise ship. Couple of days passed and nothing got, but, in one blessed day I got a call from them. Next step was an skype interview, than final interview to Bucharest and the hardest part was coming with lots of medical, lots of papers to do, american visa… and the 21st day of February came to me. To make me understood, it was that day when I put hole my life in a suitcase and I went to London for 5 weeks training, Elimis Training Academy. My accomodation was to the YMCA London, and the Training Academy was 40-50 minutes with a bus staiton, so yeah kind of difficult in case that missed the bus because I had to be very punctual. From Monday to Friday, from 8.00 to 17.00 the same, lots of learings. Yes, is true that I had weekeds off, but they are very strictly and you cann’t do whatever you want, so big difference between academy-life and ship-life.

I got my flight details. London to Sydney,Australia, my supposed house for 9 months was there, Explorer of the Seas, Royal Carribean.

After 22 hours flight and a night of sleep in Sydney, I joined the ship. It was so difficult in the beggining, eveything seem to be very hard and strage, but I started to do friends, to meet the lovely places in Australia, New Zeeland, islands like New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Fiji, Suva. Very excited because the ship was going to Alaska, crossing from Sydney,Australia to Seattle, USA with stops in Honolulu, Hawaii and overnight in Lahaina,Oahu, Hawaii and unfortunately, I got transfer on Harmony of the Seas, Royal Caribbean the biggest cruise ship in the world. Again, I was coming from Seattle to London and in 17 of May I joined the ship. This actually was a masive ship, with over 6000 guets and around 2500 crew members and it was my next home for 7 months and a half.

Again I had to learn the way to eveything, the new staff, I met the new lovely people and I felt like home. I visited Europa as Palma de Mallorca, Barcelona, Marseille, Roma, Isle of Capri, Civitavechia, Naples, Napoli, Pisa in Italy, La Spezia and we left Europa after 5 months for Caribbean. It was 13 days crossing, 9 days just on a sea, but finally we arrived in Florida. There were the best ever parties in thouse 9 days. It was just work-party, work-party never sleep 😃. I can remember that resort from Jamaica, also my half day off when I went to swim with the dolphins in Cozumel,Mexico. Saint Martin, was our favorite place to party, for shopping and as well I will not forget about Saint Thomas, Miami, Labadee, Haiti and more.

Stay in touch with me and I will write more detail about cruise ship life as a crew member. 😜

Explorer of the Seas

Harmony of the Seas

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