One day vacation in Capri

Because I got full day off, I and one of my friend Alex,  decided to have a one day holiday in the Island of Capri. We took a ferry boat from the port of Naples and in about 40 minutes we were there.

Isle of Capri is a small point on the map of Italy, is an island in Naples, Italy. A unique views, a mountainous island in the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Is a tourist island visited annually by over half a million people and as well is an expensive one with everything from fashion designers to tasty limoncello, them famous lemon liqueur.

I am gonna say which are the most populated tourist sights and what I have done. First of all, I was visiting the city that is on the top of the island and I had to take a slowly train. But, as well there is a road for cars.

From the city I saw the beautiful view of the island. In the city there are plenty of shops with all possible and impossible brands, prices are both affordable and exorbitant. And it is said to be the expensive island of Italy. Has restaurants for all tastes of food and wine. After I and Alex finished visiting the city we found a forest that was leading on the other side of the island, the Faraglions side. Of course we both went down, Alex wondering if I’m sure because we had to go back and get what it was like to climb. I did this too, just back I needed medical assistance😃!

The next step was the tour of the island with a boat and while the tourist guide told the story I was very excited about the foam of the waves left behind.

I had a good feeling when I saw the rocks of the faraglioni from the top but the moment when I passed among them was more emotional. Faraglions are rocky formations of the coast formed by waves erosion. The highest of them is 109 meters and is called Stella. On these rocks there are a lot of blue lizards, a very rare species.

When I passed through the rocks, the tour guide told to all of us to kiss our lover and make a wish. I did’t do that because I did not have one. 😁

And finally, after touring the island we stopped at one of the restaurant in harbor right at the water’s edge. An Italian specialty restaurant, and even now I remember the tasty bolognese pasta and the dry red wine.

I would love to recomand this beautiful island for everyone of you, it’s an excelent place for vacation, didn’t let me to get bored. My one day was not enough, I did almost everything but very is rush.

The green color of nature and the blue crystal water gave me the extreme energy of loving nature even more, enjoying that place and being very grateful for everything I live in. ❤🌎

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