An unforgettable rainy day in London

I just wanted to have a quiet day in London, but unfortunately I got just a rainy day. It was not so bad, I will tell you why, before to visit I went from pub to pub but getting bored I decided to go to visit and to take some pictures to show you which are the most visitated places in London, the capital of England and the Unitated Kindom.

I was very excited to see the old buildings unchanged because it is not allowed.

I am telling you that the first place where you have to go to visit is the  London Bridge where you can see from outside the Big Ben and London Eye.

Big ben is the biggest four-sided watch and stays on the third largest tower in the world. On the streets of London, even if it’s rain all day, I saw a bunch of foreigners from different countries like China, America, the Emirates, etc. stopping and taking a lot of pictures even in the rain like me too.

London Eye is a giant wheel very easy to see in the Jubilee Gardens on the bank of the River Thames. I recommend to everyone not to miss a tour of the London Eye because you will be easily fascinated by the beauties of the center, the Big Ben, the ships which are in the river, seeing them all as long as the ants. Somehow, the wheel has a height of 135 meters, beeing the largest wheel in Europe. In the past it was called the Millennium Wheel being built as part of the celebration of the new millennium.

I only had a scarf protecting myself from the rain and an umbrella of a person which I shared 😃,  however, I could not stop myself from visiting,  although I was wet from “head to feet” and being also for the second time in the centre of London.

As everyone knows, London is a very famous city for the rainy weather but does not stop tourists from opening their’s umbrellas and enjoying the old beauties of London.


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