The farthest island “New Zealand”

And I have been also there. I can say that is an unforgettable experience and amazing island, New Zealand. I am pretty sure that maybe you cann’t get any feeling about what I am talking about because you have to try it. I have been in two of the cities, Wellington, the capital city and Tauranga, the most popular city of the North of New Zealand.

New Zealand is an island country, composed of two very large islands and a few small islands, situated in the South-West Pacific Ocean.

Wellington, beeing as well the second most populos city of New Zealand and is more a formal city. It’s exception for shopping but I can say that is a littel bit expensive.

I am not gonna forget to talk about Tauranga city more than just being a very populated city, also is an ideal place for the beach, for hiking on the mountain where you can enjoy the natural beauty of the city, because it is a town full of vegetation.

It was an afternoon day  full of tourists on the streets, at the beach, climbing the mountain and I chose to go to the top of the mountain like some of them but unfortunately it was too tiring and I came back. I can say I regret, because I have not been able to see all the beauty of the Tauranga town of the top.

I was also slightly impressed by the structure of their homes. They are not huge houses, very “decorated” they are just simple and very chic.  Definitively  one really impressed me. It was at the edge of the street and only with windows, transparent windows what you could see all that was happening in the house, only the bedroom had blinds. A gentleman seated on the living room sofa and read the newspaper quietly.

Now that weather and seasons are different than in the rest of the world except Australia. Very hot summers and cold winters, but when in the rest of the world the summer comes , the winter comes in New Zealand, and vice versa.

It was also a bit strange to talk home because it was a 9-hours difference for the time. Anyway, for almost two months while I was there, my mother was very happy when I woke up every night around 3 a.m 😁

Wellington city

Tauranga city

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