“The closest island to Paradise”

I decided to write this article now about this exotic island “Isle of Pines” because I just went in the past and I cann’t forget that good time from my life and also my first day off on a cruise ship which was exactly here, Isle of Pines.

I still remember all the details now, although it has been more than a year since I stepped on that beautiful island.

Is an island located in the Pacific Ocean, east of Australia, in the archipelago of New Caledonia with a French collectivity and the nickname “The Closest Island to the Paradise” belongs to it.
The island is not very large but has a great lagoon where you can do scuba diving, snorkeling, coral and tropical fish can be seen in clear water.

I was very excited about my free day that I will spend there. Sheryll, a good colleague and friend from Philippines, invited me out with her. Said and done!
Because it is a small island and has no port, the boat has stood still in the middle of the ocean and lowered the tender for passengers and crew members to be transported to shore. Arrived there, I was very fascinated by the beauties of nature, although it gave me the little thought of thinking of a cannibal island being in the past. I have exploited the whole island with Sheryll, we went in the lagoon, I walk through a forest that was right at the edge of the shore, I saw hundreds of colorful fish, I loaded my phone only with pictures and videos, but of course we got the sun on our bodies and enjoying the velvety and white sand.


Some time later, we met Darshii, who was going to be my cabin colleague, but unfortunately only for a month because I was transferred to another ship, the largest ship in the world, and I can not forget to mention Doctor Sofia, from Mexico, a very warm and friendly person who teached me the spanish language and I can say that I miss them and I hope to see them and also the Paradise Island in one day.

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