My dolphin friends from Cozumel

The first thing what I did when I arrived in Cozumel, Mexico was to fulfill my dream, and to swim with dolphins in the ocean. There are two places where I could go to swim with dolphins  but I chose to go to Chankanaab Beach Adventure Park because is open to the ocean the idea of ​​swimming with these mammals.

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Do not misunderstand me, I could not go off the ocean to swim with them 😃, at some point it’s a barrier but it’s not just a small basin.

There was a lot of aquatic activity that I could do, but I really wanted to swim with the dolphins and I chose the option with two dolphins. I was with my crazy friends: Roxi, Dushica, Mariana and Simo.
In the first phase when we entered the water, the trainer introduce themself, but unfortunately I forgot what they called. 😐 I touched their skin and they have baby skin, very fine and very delicate. They showed us them littel teeth…

What I can say about the dolphins is that they are some gorgeous mammals, they are carnivorous animals, but stay calm because they only eat fish and calamari. Are very friendly, very smart and have a very well developed feel so that they can also protect themselves when they sleep. And, a good thing is that they heal very quickly from shark bites,   if got any accidents, scratches etc.


After swimming, the water splashing game between us and the dolphins, of course they won and were very happy, pictures, kisses with them followed the most unpleasant part of going out of water 😃 I did not realize how fast the time flew.


After that I could not just leave from that wonderful place and I stayed at the beach with my girls enjoying the tasty Coconut Pina Colada in the shade of the palm trees.



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