Bienvenida en Puerto Rico ❤ !!!

I wanted to hurry up with this article, because I had a “complaint”.I was exaggerating a little … last days talking to my good friend Marius and telling me I did not have a picture with him on the blog. To make you understand, I’ve been for 6 months and something day after day together under the same roof “Harmony of the Seas”, becoming good friends I decided to write this article now, especially for him.

Marius Scrociob Popescu, I know that when you gonna read this article, in the first phase you will laugh and say: “Omg ‘vaiiii’ Ancuta, Ancuta, it’s not you if you did not do something”, but you will surely like it. As well I remember the other friends: Dana who is enjoying now Bermuda, Clau, Bogdan and our “puerto ricana” cat 😽!

After 9 months of cruising, was my last cruise and I was coming home, the boat had another route in the east of the Caribbean but because there was a storm on the sea had to be avoided by the storm, so we got to the famous Puerto Rico.

San Juan is the capital city and a very populated city. The official languages ​​are Spanish and English, though Spanish predominates.  Puerto Rico is an unincorporated territory of the United States, located in the northeastern Caribbean, east of the Dominican Republic. The climate is tropical with rainy season which stretches from April into November. It’a a city visitated by lots of tourists, it’s like a magnet. I will definitely go back to Puerto Rico for a longer vacation!

What did we visit? Castillo San Felipe del Morro. It is an old castle, the 16th designated in 1966, at the entrance to the castle is a huge National Park. A little bit about the history of the castle … The fortress El Moro or also known as San Felipe del Morro, is the number one to visit, being a very famous tourist attraction and a spectacular in Puerto Rico. It was built many years ago, since the Spanish government was in power, in the XVII-XVIII centuries, in order to protect the city from the invasion of enemies, especially the pirates. The castle has plenty of towers, tunnels, cellars open to the sea.

Besides pictures and walks, I ate at one of the restaurant the most tasty chicken soup, like my “mom’s soup” in thouse 11 months I had traveled around the world.

National Park

The entrance to Castillo San Felipe Del Morro Castle

One of the tunnels

Tre streets of Puerto Rico


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