Friendship on land at Covent Garden

I am in plane, traveling home for 2 days. I got bored. I didn’t know what to do, what else that to write something about a day in London celebrating frindship on land with Loriii,
Where to go, where to don’t go… finally we decided Covent Garden. So beautiful, so spectaculos full of shops, restaurants, concert, people… something enjoyble.
“So, I am here, but where is she? I am gonna call her… She is late. I am gonna smoke a cigarrtete. I Smoked. I call again her, she is on the other side where the restaurants are. She is coming to pick up myself. My mind and my eyes were to the first shop with sun glasses and I got it. Finally, after couple of months we meet. I said: ” Omg.. who I met 😍If we didn’t met in Romania how was tha plan, we meet in London” , easier!” To be honest, I didn’t expect to meet her here!

Covent Garden is the place for shopping, food, drink and cultural place in London.  Covent Garden has 13 theatres, and over 60 pubs and bars. Besides all this, there is also a church known as the “actors’ church”, Paul’s Church.

There are restaurants and bars for all the specialties: Italian, English, Spanish, French and many of them with international reputation.
We chose a typical French restaurant, and all the food and drink was organic. It was surprising because we were not specifically looking for it, the very tasty food, but it’s not one of those restaurants to make you get full. A more refined restaurant.

The Covent Garden area has long been associated with entertainment. Actually, in that evening it was really a good show with a dancing person, the breakdance style. The crowd surrounded him by supporting him and applauding him. It was a moment full of emotions, emotions sent by the dancer for his talent.

Covent Garden, a very beautiful area in London, where everyone was taking pictures of buildings, streets, crowds because the crowd of tourists did not end even though it was almost night.



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