What to visit in St.Maarten?

Let’s go first through this small piece of land Maho Beach. Wanna get any adrenaline and get a great picture as you catching the plane? Great! Than the beach in St.Maarten famous for the Princess Juliana International Airport is the place.

It is one of the few places in the world where airplanes can be seen just outside the runway. Watching the aircrafts on the beach is a highly populated activity by tourists. Daily flights are running the hole day. It’s something incredible and unique to see!

There is also many other beaches and resorts you can find close to the port. Except sunbathing, jet ski you could relax yourself in the shops. From small stores to the big brands, one day won’t be enough to go in all. Great deals though.

The food is really tasty especially if you’ll go to the french side. If you’re lazy and still wanna join the sun, most of the restaurants serve the food on the beach.

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