The plane’ beach, St.Martin

Before I started traveling around the world, I saw a television report about the beach where the planes are going very close to the ground because the airport is right behind the beach. I had no idea on which side of the earth there was this wonder. I can say that I went through that small piece of land.
This famous beach is in Saint Martin in the Caribbean and is called Maho Beach. It is a small beach, but it is very famous for the Princess Juliana International Airport adjacent to the beach.

It is one of the few places in the world where airplanes can be seen just outside the end of the runway. Watching the aircrafts on the beach is a highly populated activity by tourists that daily flights are displayed on a plate of beach bars.
I can not express the feeling I had on the beach, letting the sun reach my body, savoring a cocktail and looking at the airplanes just above me. It is something incredible to see!

Welcome to Saint Martin

But that’s not all, located in the northeast of the Caribbean, Saint Martin was my favorite island in the Caribbean. Why??? It is very simple. It is the island where I could do what I want and I had everything. The beach is very close to the harbor, along there is no space for anything because it is full of restaurants and stalls, on the other street, parallel street, there are only shops. Popular goods include exotic food, jewelery, liquor, tobacco, leather goods found it like duty free price, as well as most designer products. Most of the time, designer goods are offered at a 40% discount price like in the EU.

I also want to mention the activities on the water, there are not many here but the most populated are jet ski, 50$ for 2 people and a plastic pool where you can jump into the water. It was so much fun. I could see only jets ski on the water.
There was the crew restaurant, where we met all the friends from other ships as well.

I wanna send a message to all of my friends that I miss them and I wish to see every single of you guys.

Writing this article came motto in my mind, it sounds as: Expect nothing, appreciate everything!!



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