Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca is the largest island of Spain and the most famous for an exotic destination in the Mediterranean Sea. With hot summers and cool winters any time is good to take.

Over the years due to the high volume of tourists a great emphasis has been placed on lifestyle and since now on visitors can choose from over 2.400 restaurants and bars .

This island has given me a warm and friendly feeling. A day of sunbathing or a walk in the evening will be a wonder on earth

Now, that you’re hungry and thirsty let’s go to Anima beach bar. All in white, super clean and situated on the beach will offer a large food variety. As well, they have them own beach, if you wanna be more privately.

I haven’t been here in winter time, so I can suggest you only summer. The weather is just perfect. I bet you’ll love it.


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