The island of strong contrasts Palma de Mallorca

The Palm of Mallorca or called as well Majorca is the largest island of Spain and the most famous as an exotic holiday destination in the Mediterranean Sea. Has a mediterranean climate with very hot summers and gentle cool winters.

Over the years due to the high volume of tourists, a great emphasis has been placed on lifestyle so that now we can count on some 2,400 restaurants and bars with different specialties. Not at all is there a bad deal at shops, there is a variety of malls with different brands at affordable prices.

The Palm of Mallorca has given me a warm, friendly feeling, a place where parties are on hand but also the opportunity to make friends, people are warm. The Palm is a place that has attracted my attention at every step.

Together with my crazy colleagues, with my crazy roomie as well, in the morning we went out to exploit the island. We wanted to go to a restaurant, but I wanted to go to the beach. What to do ??? We found the solution, a restaurant on a beach, I could also feel the sea breeze. Anima Beach Palma, a very clean and beautiful place with very tasty food and a private island with access to the sea which I liked very much. Unfortunately, we could only enjoy a few hours because we had to go back to work. But I can say that on that day we were lucky because the ship normally left Palma de Mallorca after the meal, but on that lucky day it happened at night. So after a few hours of work, around 20.00p.m in the evening, we went out again. This time we were a bigger team and we chose another restaurant right in the center. It was a very short time but we felt great…

Wherever I was looking, left, right, in front or behind I saw only the palm trees which the island was covered with. It has attracted attention and cleanliness from the streets and the beach.


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