Discover the world with Steiner

Do you work as a hairdresser, massage therapist, beauty therapist, nail technician or even a personal trainer and you feel tired of your routine at home? Now is your opportunity to travel around the world with Steiner, to work in the most luxurious spas on cruise ship and even meet very important people from all over the world.

I will tell you my experience as I entered since I quit the routine. I had my own bussines in my country, a rented a space in one salon. I work as a nail technician, also now I can say I miss my colleagues, but I decided to start discovering the world …

I sent my CV to Protos, an agency in Brasov but even if you are from other contries do not worry because they have recruits everywhwre. The first stage was a skype interview, after a few weeks the final interview in Bucharest with practical proof and some questions.

A few days after I was notified by the agency that I was selected and we need to start the steps, consisting of medical analyzes, valid passport for 5 years and the visa interview. Some good months passed, and 22 February came when I left for London where I was going to live during the training. I lived at YMCA and the academy was 40 minutes by bus. From Monday to Friday, from morning until evening I had taining, and home to learn. I received a lot of tests about the products and the treatments but also I was model for all the treatments.

5 weeks passed and I got the details. The cruise ship that was supposed to be my home for 9 months was waiting for me in Sydney, Australia. After 24 hours of flight, one night to sleep in Sydney, I got to my new home. I had never seen such a big ship in reality, it was hudge. I was both happy and scared, being the first time I went to work abroad but mostly alone.

I visited many islands I had never heard of before, I made many friends … a new family. But after a month and a half I got the news that I had to go on another ship, the largest ship in the world and it was in Europe. I felt very lonely when I got there, but I made a new family and everything was happening for a purpose because I saw many more places like Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, West America, Europe and the Caribbean.
I think you’ve felt the emotions and moments that I’ve had through these words …

But what’s important to know now is that you need a few savings to take this step. You will be the only responsible for these costs as analyzes, flight ticket to London, spending money in London, food, public transportation. Accommodation and dinner you will get. From London to the ship, you get the ticket from the company, but once you get there, you have to pay taxi to the hotel and the hotel where you sleep, I paid 150 australian dollars for a night and 50 australian dollars taxi. The money for the visa are returned by the company to your first salary, but you will pay for the uniform. And you will receive the first salary after the first two weeks, which will not be very high because you will have almost daily first aid training, rescue training, and you will not go through the spa, so not too many clients.

Free time in the spa is one and a half days a week depending on each manager how he/she wants to share it. Work 14 hours a day with 2 hours break. It’s a long day of work, but in your free time you’ll be in the Caribbean, Bora Bora beaches or visiting London Eye etc…




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