West Malling, a small part of England

West malling, a small village where I came. Is located in south-eastern England, 40 minutes far away to London. It has a population of 2500 people, but that does not make it to don’t be a  very active village. Besides bars, terraces, restaurants, tea coffe, shops also have a touristic part.

I liked to see all the houses unchanged, being upgraded for hundreds of years, yet there is an artistic structure. Another point, the village is surrounded by nature’s greenery. A small, lively village, very clean and not so polluted.

Like these looks the houses in the whole village

First of all, I visited St Leonard’s Tower, about 5 minutes’ walk from the center. The story says the tower was built for military purposes by Gundulf, the bishop of Rochester, between 1077 and 1108. A 3-storey building built of local stones and 22 meters high was built during the English Civil War Time later to stop being used for military purposes.
Today, there is a historic monument that can be visited only in the morning.

St Leonard’s Tower

Another tourist attraction that I visited it was a grandiose park with a natural lake, Manor Park Country Park. Full of trees, exotic plants, squirrels, rates, swans of a slendida beauty.

Manor Park Country

Now, there’s the fun part. The most famous and popular pub in West Malling, is The Farm House on High Street, where I work as a bartender. Here you will find everything you want. Part of the restaurant, bar, pizzeria and club. Cocktail Shack, the place where you can enjoy the most delicious cocktails, part of it. Does not have a very high capacity, but the atmosphere is on the way. But not the same thing I can say about the whole pub that has a capacity of hundreds of people. Sometimes we have a band playing live and trust me, you don’t even have space to move.

Hundreds of customers come from different cities, because the food is very good  but also for the incendiary atmosphere.

The Farm House

The Cocktail Shack

The restaurant


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