The exotic Port Vila in Pacific Ocean

An exotic destination that is not to be missed is Vila, Vanuatu. Port Vila is the most important city and capital of Vanuatu. Located in the southern Pacific Ocean, it is at a distance of 1700 km from Australia. The island country of Vanuatu being an archipelago, has another 70 islands.

Although they have developed through tourism, being the main branch but also agriculture and fishing, the country is receiving foreign aid from New Zeelnd and Australia.

Malaysians, Asian, European and Polynesian but Malaysians include Vila Port on the largest surface.
It is good to know that the languages ​​spoken are English and French.

Now, if you’re thinking about a vacation, it’s good to schedule between November and May, being the warm weather. In the rest of the year the climate is slightly cooler, with a minimum of 20 degrees. It is good to consider that it is a country prone to hurricanes because alisee winds make their presence from December to April.

Let’s go to vacation, relaxing time …
If you wanna join for a longer period, there are plenty of resorts with an incredible view, surrounded by palms, coconut trees, open to the ocean. What’s better than waking up by the sun, start your day with yoga beach and breakfast on the seashore and feeling the sea breeze?

My experience in the Villa was one day with the cruise ship. It’s a great idea too, because one day you have time to enjoy many places.
The city was impressive, all around me full of palm trees, green, coconut trees … exotic in a word.
I have more to say about the famous Blue Lagoon because there I spent most of the day. I also made a small tour of the city and I visited a beach. It is good to know that everywhere have to pay a tax to get it, the beach tax was $20 Australian entry but rewarding I say.

About taxi, do not worry! In the port expect a lot of taxi drivers, negotiating the price too. Most of them have bigger cars, where they can accommodate 4, 5 people, so the price goes together. What’s different as elsewhere, you set the price, taking yourself, waiting for you wherever you wanna to spend the time and bringing you back to your destination at the scheduled time.

Around 45 minutes is the distance from Port Villa to the Blue Lagoon. Once you get there, you can see the forest, full of palm trees.  Entrance fee is around 5 Australian dollars. You will see a large hole of blue water, a blue sky surrounded by trees. If you are lucky to be the rays of the sun you can see the depth of water clear. Full of banquets, there’s space enough to let the stafff.
It is about 70 meters long and 40 meters wide. Also, besides swimming, snorkeling if you are passionate about acrobatic sports, do not worry because it is a place where you can jump into the water.
As getting the bronze , to lay at the sun .. my favorite place  and now I remember every single moment😎On the tree, sitting above the crystalline water, leaving the rays of the sun to hit my face, my body, and forgetting about absolutely everything.






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