Caribbean is always a good choise for vacation.
Cozumel, the island in the Caribbean Sea located on the eastern coast of Mexico has developed on the basis of tourism, so it got the destination for almost all the cruise ships that dock there.

The port is massive. Believe me, always super crowded. Restaurants, bars where the parties are going on since breakfast time, shops all in one.

Now, I most of the time was going to Hotel B, by taxi only. Only 20 minutes drive, not that bad.

There is a choise for you to take a day pass which is only about 40 bucks and some of them get the chance to use for food and drink. With 2 infinity pools, jacuzzi on top of the sea I bet you won’t regret a day there! 😎 Let me show you something more interesting

As for holiday planning I wanna mention that in Cozumel there is a tropical savanna climate. That means that a dry season is very short, from February to April and during the rest of the year is wet season. It’s a possibility for storms but never cold wheater. Still, yoy can enjoy the sunshine and the tan.

Now, I would like to share a little of of my experience with dolphins. They are some gorgeous mammals. Cery friendly, very smart and a very well developed feel so that can protect themselves during sleeping time. Also, i was very happy to hear that the skin can heel fast in case of any shark bite, accident, scratch.

For myself it was a special and beautiful moment, I could touch, swim and take some pictures. It is also very sad because some of them don’t get the chance to live in the wild where they supposed to be, unfortunately.

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