Today is about Cozumel, Mexico

Today I decided to talk about Cozumel because it’s vacation time, everyone thinks about planning one, someday…

Well, if you’re bored of Europe, Caribbean is a good destination to choose.
Cozumel, is an island in the Caribbean Sea located on the eastern coast of Mexico. It has developed on the basis of tourism, so it got the destination for almost all the cruise ships that dock there.

There are two options. Enjoy a week, two or as long as you want the island, spending your holiday there, or if you are just interreted to spend just a day there and in more islands in the Caribbean, a cruise is the perfect choice.
Even with the boat, one day is enough time to walk around the city, take a tour, swim with dolphins but you have to choose, for all it will not be time.
The Cozumel harbour is a massive one. It usually docks 2 ships and the crowd is over 10000. Full of restaurants, shops, stalls with articles specific to Mexico, perfumes, clothes, duty-free … all. There is no time to become bored. If you’re not up to, 5 minutes walk from the harbor is The El Cid Resort where you can spend the rest of your day at the pool or swimming in the ocean. Another field activity that unfolds is tennis.

If you are looking to spend more time there, you have the opportunity to take part in the most important Carnival Festival in Mexico, the Cozumel Carnival. The streets of the city are filled with parades, the young people are dressed in colorful costumes, known as “Estudiantinas”, expressing themselves through forms of dance, song and fantasy. Well, the bad part is that this great event is going to happen in February.
Do not be disappointed, because being an exotic destination there are plenty of other activities. Scuba diving, swimming with dolphins, snorkeling are the most populated with impressive views. The water is clean and clear, an emerald green that allows you to see in the depths of the water.

As for holiday planning, learn that it is a tropical savanna climate. The dry season is very short, from February to April and during the rest of the months it is wet season, sometimes there may be storms but there are not very cold temperatures. Still, can enjoy the sunshine and the tan.

I was in Cozumel for a few months, from October to February, and what to say … it was incredibly hot all the time, no rain, no storms.
Christmas Day, I spent it out in Cozumel at the El Cid La Cieba Resort, mentioned above. It was a special Christmas day, a Royal Caribbean party for all the ship’s staff at that resort.



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