Brasov, Dracula, Transilvania … all about Romania

I talked so much about different countries, continents, but never about my country. Now is the time. It’s time to start with a very famous city all over the world for extreme sports in the winter season.

Brasov, a county in Romania located in the southeastern part of Transylvania, is just 2 hours with a car far away to the capital of Romania, Bucharest. If so far I have only talked about exotic beaches, white sand and climate with exorbitant temperatures, I will inform you that it is cold here, even during the summer. The warm temperatures are during at 5, 6 weeks between 22 ° C and 27 ° C and for the winter season being longer than 3 months, temperatures are between -18 ° C and -2 ° C.

-38.5 ° C were the lowest temperatures recorded in 1942 in the winter season and some years later, 1951 in summer recorded the highest temperatures of 39.5 ° C.

Well, even like this is a very visited area of ​​foreigners people, with a well developed tourism and very famous for the story of Dracula Castle. Everywhere I was in this world, I was very surprised to talk with different nationalities and to tell me about Dracula from Transylvania, or even more, that they were visiting it.

The first place as well as tourist attractions are the ski slopes of Poiana Brasov, a locality of Brasov county just 30-40 minutes away from the centre of the city. At the disposal of tourists there are plenty of ski slopes with all degrees of difficulty: easy, medium and difficult. The smallest one has a length of 300 m and the highest of 3820 m. It is considered to be the most difficult one, the “Wolf” with a length of 2860 m.

There are countless of hotels, hostels in town and in Poiana Brasov, but I recommend you to stay in Brasov because you have the possibility to do much more.
In addition to sports, sightseeing attractions, Castle of Dracula are also plenty of clubs where to spend the nights, traditional restaurants beeing very popular for the traditional food. If is all about food, I could tell you that the most popular food is the “Brasov Stew”, meat mix, served with polenta and pickles.

Why did I choose Brasov as a destination? Very simple. I was back home in January, cold, bad weather, snow. Planning a vacation with my good friends and my colleagues from the ship, Harmony of the Seas, our home. My home is 5 hours away to Brasov, my friends the same, so we decided that Brasov would be the perfect place for a crazy and longer weekend. That was it! I am right friends ?😅❤

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