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I discovered one of my passion, I didn’t know how excited I am when I offer to a customer a good cocktail. I worked in lots of bars but not in the cocktail area. Since I’m in England and started at Cocktail Shacke at The Farm House in West Malling, England I am very impatient for Friday and Saturday to catch customers with delicious cocktails. I am also very interested in training about drinks, beverages, training mixologists, etc.

I have some favorite drinks, which I’m going to talk about today.

Being the summer, the first and most popular is Porn Star Martini. A fruit-sweet cocktail based on vodka and passion fruit is complemented by a prosseco shot, whether served separately or mixed and fresh passion fruit. It was invented by Douglas Ankrah from the LAB bar and spread throughout the world. I can only say: absolutely uh-mazing!

During the summertime we shouldn’t forget about Mojito, a traditional Cuban cocktail, the flavor of mint, rum and brown sugar top it with dash of mineral water. Besides the coolness of the summer, it also has an incendiary look in cristal glass, garnish with mint and lime.
Over the years, Fashion Strawberry Mojito, Rasperry Mojito, Passion Fruit Mojito has also been refreshing, but it is suitable for people who love a fruity drink.

Sex on the Beach, an exotic drink that takes you to the beach, sun, palm trees. Mixed from fruits like cranberry and orange, it plays a very challenging name to be unnoticed. It’s a cocktail with alchool, also mixed with vodka and peach arches.

Long Island Iced Tea, a mix of 5 alcoholic beverages, the same measure each, but can be regarded as a cocktail. A very strong drink, indicated when you’re in the club, you’re bored and you want energy. The name is due to the color that resembles iced tea.

Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri, one equally populated. Do you love rum and strawberry? Then it must be your choice. A cocktail that makes you cool in the summer.

For people who doesn’t like cocktails, gin tonic is the drink that doesn’t make you trouble the next day. With a wide range of gins, different flavors and tastes, a bit more sunrise is the drink that does not taste alcohol in.

I am gonna start with Tanqueray 10 made in London, a delicous variation on grapefruit, lime, orange and camomile.
Star of Bombay, a rinch and an intinse gin where juniper, angelica and coriander are part of it.
Sipsmiths, exceptionally well balanced with juniper.
There is also a wide range of tonics. Normal, natural light with 50% less calories and Mediterranean with a delicately sweet taste.

I, together with my colleague Rodrgiguez, are waiting for you to offer you the most tasty cocktails and have an incendiary atmosphere.

Posted by Rodriguez Morales on 29 Iulie 2017

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