Things to do in Porto Venere, LaSpezia

PortoVenere, located on the coast of Liguria in Italy in La Spezia.
How do you get there and in which times is it preferable ??? Good question.
From the port of the harbor, every half hour there are ferry boats that take you to the destination and back. The ticket is inexpensive, around 15 euro round-trip, and it’s also pretty close, 30 minutes while you can enjoy wind and sea breezes. Usually water is quiet so you do not have to worry about big waves. I left the morning at around 9 o’clock, but it was too tense because it was a great queue for tickets.

I had an incredibly beautiful day with lots of sunshine. It is a Mediterranean climate, hot summer and cold, rainy winter.
Half a day in Porto Venere, and I’ve done so much … I’ll start with Grotta di Byrron, the first one I wanted to find and I found.

Byron Cave, one of the natural places in the city is at the foot of the rock below St. Peter’s Church,
15 minutes walk from the harbor. It’s incredible natural beauty, a cave that does not show what’s hiding behind. I liked what I saw. A steep cliff, plenty of people sitting on rocks below, taking advantage of the sun’s rays, and water … an emerald of water as color and crystal as clarity. I could not stop without a little swim, I was so hot but in a second I bathed in the water of the cave. My friend Denialll … was waiting for me, and she was making me a lot of pictures.

Another important place I visited was The Gothic Church of St. Peter, just above the cave as we have just mentioned.

It is not a great place at all, with around 3000 inhabitants, but with plenty of tourist attractions.
After all this, I did not want to go without enjoying the harbor promenade full of shops, stalls, restaurants.

After walking, beach, swimming, shopping, pictures, it was time to look for a restaurant for lunch. And I found him: Ristorante Le Bocche. Situated right on the waterfront, a very select restaurant, pleasant and quiet, an amazing view. I’m not loving pesto, but I admit that I served a delicious pasta with pesto, cook in a way … the tasy was absolulety fabulous, and I was very pleased with both the restaurant and the very enthusiastic part of the world .



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