The best 10 places that cann’t be missed in Dubai

Dubai, the city of all possibilities for holidaymakers. Although it is an artificial city, it is the only one in the world with its own design.
The high buildings, the long motorways that give the impression of not being finished, help you move very fast. The evening is very bright and the cleanliness on every corner of the street makes you feel like in paradise.

We are all accustomed to luxury when it comes to hotels and restaurants. For Dubai we have to put an extra star for each of them, cause they are better.

About culture, depends who family the wemen are part of, they wear ”abaia” with cover face or without. The wemen are ”incredible beauties”. Like tourist, I could use any kind of cloths in limit of common sense. It is recomanded to cover a little bit more your ”intim parts of body”.

Before writing about top 10 the most populated places I am gonna talk a bit about safety travelers.

There, everything is different than in other countries around the world. Having a different religion, the rules are also different. I’m going to give some examples, to make it better understood: –

“Go to the beach, have personal and valuable things, you want to take a bath in the sea and you’re stressed because of the goods. If someone steals they will be exported with a ban for life in Dubai. Also will spend a long time in prison. ”

“In the evening, you and your bestfriend want to walk, on the streets, on the beach or anywhere else. It will contradict the idea of ​​attackers, rapists, etc. In this case people who see such scenes are very good for helping and villains are harsh punished “.

Once arrived in Dubai the first place to visit is Dubai Marina. It is a part of Dubai that stretches over an immense surface. In addition to cafes, restaurants with Arabic food, Indian, European to the most luxurious restaurants, you find everything you want depending on the budget of each.

Pool Shades is one of the high restaurants, located at the 4th floor, Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai Marina, across the Ramada hotel. As well has a pool full of lights and is the perfect place where you can smoke the original shisha, which is originally from Egypt.

Dubai Marina Port has many boats and yachts that make short cruises between building to enjoy the miraculous structures of them and blocks, also you can join the dinner on one of those.

Dubai Mall the world’s largest shopping mall with more than 1,100 stores where even the most famous international brands are present. There are also up to 200 restaurants and bars and parking places do not have to worry, there are thousands of them. Let’s have fun, where even if you do not believe, outside the exorbitant temperatures do not allow you to breathe and inside you dress with thick clothes to skate the famous ice rink “Dubai Ice Rink”.
Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo“, considered one of the world’s largest aquatic basins with over 30,000 marine species.
There is also a children’s playground called “KidZania” where kids can experience adult jobs: pilots, actors, chefs, doctors, TV presenters and more.

Burj Khalifa, also designated the world’s largest building, can not be thrown out of sight. You can climb the lift to the top of the building and even have lunch or dinner. If you are afraid of height, you can also admire from outside. An artesian fountain, right in front of building that every evening at 8 o’clock begins to “sing and dance” in Arabic rhythm.

Burj al Arab, the floating 7-star hotel. Even if you are not staying there being very expensive, the hotel policy offers tourists the opportunity to be visited and amazed by the beautiful design. You can also enjoy the 9 restaurants, 4 pools and a spa.

Smokey beach is the beach that during the day you can enjoy the sunshine and the evening is one of the few places where you can relax until 3 o’clock. Most are closed at midnight, but none exceeds 3am. Smokey beach has a restaurant with a capacity of over 300 places. Restaurant, terrace, but also armchairs that swing around your body on sand stretched out to the seashore.

Barasti Beach, is another beautiful beach, a public beach designated for tourists furnished with very comfortable beds and a restaurant. A small and quiet beach especially for families.

Atlantins Palm, the name even coming from the palm tree shape of the resort. Exactly a luxury resort with over 20 restaurants, nightclubs, spas but swimming pools and water park as well. The luxurious hotel has over 1500 rooms. I have to mention, as the island, the temperatures are much higher than in the city.

Dubai Miracle Garden is the world’s largest garden with natural flowers. The miraculous garden shelters over 45 million flowers. Houses, pyramids, rivers, cars built of natural flowers. Picking is strictly forbidden. The visit schedule is daily between 9am and 9pm with an entry fee of $6.

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