Things to do in Klaipėda, Lithuania

I am gonna start by describing Klaipėda as a port city in Lithuania where the Baltic Sea meets Danė River.
As tourist attractions, the center is on top.

A restaurant that amazed me was a boat on the river.  The famous floating restaurant is called Meridian. The boat was built in 1948, but it was undergoing reconstruction in 2012-2014 and now become rejuvenated and more handsome.
Because the Meridiana sailing ship has been anchored alongside the shore of River Danė for more than 40 years, it has became an integral part of Klaipėda and therefore, it is rightfully considereted a symbol of the city, emphasizing it’s character and nautical spirit.

The restaurant is open daily from 11.00 am to 20.00 pm. You can also make bookings for sailing on the river, in the same time having dinner.

Just near to the Meridian ship, in a small room is hidden the story of a captain woman. The legend says: “The woman loving the sea the most in this world and she decided to become a captain of the ship. The dream was fulfilled and finally she got married with the sea. The women captain was throwing a wedding ring in the sea.”

Another activity on the Danė River, is the famous canoeing.

It is a city embedded in a lot of greenery and flowers. The buildings are mixed of colors which give life to the city. A place that inspires peace. A quiet city.

The Port, a second place visited by tourists. It is very close to the center, about 10 minutes walk away. Full of hotels, restaurants, terraces on the banks of the river and full of yachts waiting for tourists to stroll off the coast.
From 1875  Klaipėda ship carpenters cooperative company was building fishing cutters, boats, yachts and other smal vessels. The first modern shipyard was built in 1919 by Willy Paul Lindenau, an shipbuilding engineer.

Not so far to Klaipėda, I found on the earth a resort town on Lithuania’s Baltic coast, Palanga. In the center of the city there is a promenade full of restaurants, surrounded by nature greenery. The promenade road leads to the sea, to the famous bridge that gives the impression of infinity. The long beach is backed by dunes of sand.

A small restaurant is set right on the beach, the seats that are fited around the body, offer the perfect time to relax. The sea breeze, sunrise or even sunset are some elements that tourists can take part in.

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