Live, Work, Travel

Do you like the idea of ​​traveling and making money at the same time? I’ll tell my story, where I work and the places which I visited, places I never dream of.
I started working on cruise ship in the spa doing manicure. I even got to work on the world’s largest cruise ship in the world. Within a few months, I just visited at least 30 countries, islands, 4 continents as Australia, Asia, Europa, Sua. I loved ship life, but as a spa staff I worked for long hours a day and I decided to change something. Casino Logistics helped me to change that something.

New department, casino. Difference from heaven to earth. I’m leaving tonight, I will join Carival Triumph in New Orleans on Monday.
I’ve never worked as a casino dealer. But by a recommendation I heard about Casino Logistcs that offers training and a contract to work on the boat.
I was home in Romania and one evening I told my best friend; “let’s be a casino dealer on a cruise ship.” That’s how it all started.

After a few months of interviewing Mr. Trevor, I arrived in Klaipeda, Lithuania where we had to stay for 6 weeks during the training.

We lived in a very beautiful apartment, furnished and arranged with everything that anyone would need. I lived in the same room with my friend.
The training started and I wanted every day to run home. I was thinking everyday where I came, it was very hard for me. I learned how to play Black Jack and American Roulette. With the help and patience of my trainers Diana Skrabyte and Gvidas Leliukas, I managed to get through well. The days were passing and everything seemed to be better. The two weeks of theory has come to an end and 15 of us have gone to practice day by day. It was an intensive training, one day off per week.

Before realizing what it means to be a casino dealer, I took this job as a joke. However, it involves a lot of responsibility, dedication for what is this job, passion and lots of work until it becomes professional.
I can say that I just love it, I like it crazy and is a very respected job on a cruise ship. And that’s not all, if the other departments work in the ports, the casino is closed as long as the ship is in the port, so a lot of time off.

The training is coming to an end, the day of graduation came when all our colleagues were mega happy for diplomas and airline tickets. But we were so close to each other that I didn’t want the time to be broke. However, this is life in such an environment, as traveling …

The Casino Logistics team organized for all of us a night at the disco bike, after which we had dinner at a very nice restaurant, Restoranas Biskvitas and tasty food. I was eating so much, as never and desert too. The party ended at a club.

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