Playa del Carmen 🍹

One of my greatest passions is to explore new places, to learn new cultures and to meet people from all over the world. My job helps me to fulfill my dream.

I was recently in Playa del Carmen, one of the Caribbean islands which I wanted to visit, to be there and saying: Yes  I did it!

Playa del Carmen, a spa resort in the Caribbean islands located in the north of Quintana Roo and very close to Cancun, being the first in the Quintana Roo state but also very crowded. Long time ago it was just an island of fishermen, nothing else. Over time, tourism has grown rapidly with the help of ferryboats that carried tourists from all corners of the state especially from Cozume. Why Cozumel??? Plenty of ships having the itinerary to this beautiful island, beeing very famous for the color of turquoise water, snorkeling, scuba diving but still very crowded with so many ships day by day.

I really wanted to go to Playa del Carmen for a day of relaxation.  Sounds awesome! It is the ideal place to escape from the crowds of Cozumel, Cancun, Chetumal … The beaches are very clean, the white and fine sand waiting to get new visitors. Everything is in the harbor. Stores, restaurants, stalls, beaches, shows , the centre….

Shopping is good quality and affordable, tax free !!! Both handmade collections of residents to designers who are very famous are there.  I could’t rezist without buying something. A sun hat, bronze color … of advanced quality at a negotiable price from    35 $to $ 15 … I cann’t separate to it, wherever I go and I need to keep it my company.

Foods, yammii… are delicious. My favorite one was Chicken Quesadilla or how is called “quesadilla con pollo y una servesa por favor” , tacos and avocado.

The beaches even if they are full of tourists are quiet and clean. No aquatic activities. Along the beaches are plenty of restaurants with various traditional food, umbrellas and chairs. The sun’s rays are so strong, even if you don’t want it all you’ll tan.

The most frequent question: How did you get there?   Going frequently to Cozumel, it was easy and cheap from downtow to take a ferry to Playa. In just half an hour I was there. I paid 18$ 2 ways, return too. With the musicians, with servesa, the sun and the breeze of the sea was fast to get to my favorite place from Quintana Roo…. Playa del Carmen.

Playa del Carmen

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