Top 4 resorts in Cozumel

1. Grand Park Royal Cozumel
The largest hotel resort but also the most popular resort offers tourists the ideal holiday for a few days or even the perfect day of relaxation. Located just few minutes from the Puerta Maya International Cruise Terminal, enough for a walk from the harbor if you are in one of the cruise ship.
Hotel, beach, pool, palm trees, ocean, bar, restaurant, tennis courts … all inclusive.
The price of an all inclusive ticket is $50 per person.
I want to specify that the restaurant does not have serices a la cart.
Fruit, chicken, seafood, Mexican food, cakes … a whole variation.
It’s a busier, fun place …. It’s not recommended for people looking for relaxation only.
The ocean color is very clear, perfect
for snorkeling. Although there are countless rocks at the entrance to the water, I hit my feet many times until I got deep into the water and they got lost.
If you are not fun snorkeling, swimming … the perfect choice is one of the two swimming pools that offer an incredible view and a bar in the water. !!! Relaxing in the pool with cocktails next to you! 🍹
The very welcoming and polite staff made us feel part of the Grand Park Royal family.

2. Hotel B
Hotel B or Just Be, this was and is my favorite in Cozumel. It was the most perfect and relaxing day I had.
A little further from International Port, 20 minutes by taxi. It is much closer to the center, an advantage for cruise ship passangers docking in the port in center of the island.
The price of a person ticket is $30, which $12 is just the entry price and the rest can be used at the bar for food and drink. Extra consumed, extra payed.
The food … is just delicious. Hmmm, you should try !!!
The rest…. has a hotel, a restaurant serving lunch, an infinity pool … of dream! Drinks are also served at the pool.
I could not even forget the whirlpools that sit right on the edge of the ocean.
It also offers the “beach” side. I used the quotes because I can not describe the beach entirely. It is an ocean entry, with rocks of course but you can swim, snorkeling and enjoy colorful fish that move unassembled into the water.
The perfect choice for a relaxing day.

3. Paradise Beach
It is called a resort, but is not a proper one, doesn’t a hotel.
Here’s where you can spend your day if you’re only in Cozumel and you only have a few hours.
Also, the only beach in Cozumel with sand, without rocks. It is an artificial beach, but very nicely landscaped. Set up on a long, full of lounge chairs with umbrellas. The white and clean white sand, the palm trees across the island load with positive energy and give you the perfect time to relax. The water is clean but not crystalline.
Water activities are in vog. Sky jet, banana, snorkeling boats that take you to the sea, canoe, water trampolines …
If you choose to go for snorkeling in the ocean, you have the opportunity to see Cozumel’s appraisals: “thousands of parrotfish feed on coral reefs and helf form the white sand of Cozumel. In one year, one parrotfish cand generate 100 kilograms of sand”.
There are countless waiters who serve at the beach both drinks and food.
There are two options: pay as much as cosum or $45 for all inclusive.
Food and beverage prices are too high for Cozumel. 2 beers $ 9.
To get to Paradise Beach is needs a taxi, it’s a bit far … but with the car it’s just 10 minutes from the Puerta Maya Cruise Terminal and the taxi drivers charge $15 for 2 persons.

4. El Cid
It is one of the most popular resorts being very close to the port and a bit cheaper.
There is not much to offer, just a piece of sand with sunbeds and umbrellas on the ocean, a swimming pool and a jacuzzi, a bar, a restaurant and massage at the beach. Almost forgotten, tennis court.
There is the option to pay $12 and have a drink and free internet or pay as much as you drink. They do not charge an entrance fee.
The only and most valuable is the water, through which you can see the color fishs without going into the water.
Very populated for snorkeling, the reason why it is chosen by many tourists.




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