Half Moon Cay, The Bahamas

Have you ever heard of this island? Also known as Little San Salvador is a private island in the Bahamas which belongs to one of the cruise line, Carnival. It’s a wild beach and the heaven. Why is so unique this beach?

A 2-mile beach with white sand and curved outwards on each end forming a half moon shape, hence the name Half Moon Cay. Surrounded by green vegetation, colorful cabanas and beach villas a remarkable day will be.

The horse riding by see or by land is a great experience. Firstly you will start with a short tram riding to the orientation which brings you to the highest point of the island. A great memorie photo of the panoramic view of Half Moon Cay and the surrounding Bahamian islands you will get.

Kayaking should also be on your bucketlist. You’ll see the clear water very deep. The numerous species of flora ranging from red mangrovesto the ornamental silver buttonwood tree are in there.

Snorkel by boat, “put your snorkeling gear and bring your sense of adventure”. Traveling by boat to a side off the coast of Half Moon Cay and get an up-close view into the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. Snorkeling into waters teeming with gloriously colored fish, anemones and coral. The guide will assist you in case of needed.

A beach villa is available to enjoy the ultimate luxury beach day with private sun deck. With 4 bars on the beach you can stay there enjoying the drinks and soaking up the sun. The breakfast and lunch are served by the cruise staff in a specially arranged place, not at the beach this time.

You also can have a relaxing day and experience a tropical massage from one of the crew in one of the cabana with the sea view.

Maybe you even want to get married in a white church Bahamian style, have an exotic wedding and some dream pictures. If this is your plan then you should book a cruise in advance and the crew staff will help you with all the preparations for your dream wedding.

The people who live on the island, who are few are very welcoming. By the entrance of the island where the tender will drop you, the people are there waiting for you to teach you how to dance in the bahamian style.

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