Bilbao, Spain

HIDDEN TREASURES ”OF EUROPE, BILBAO, situated in northern Spain is very different from many other Spanish cities that you may have visited. Here you will not meet Portuguese or North African influences as in Andalusia and you will not enjoy an extensive beach like in Valencia or Barcelona.

What you will find instead are internationally famous museums, impressive modern architecture and the Basque culture.

The Guggenheim Museum of Contemporary Art is certainly the most famous attraction, but the list of recommendations also includes the Museum of Fine Arts, the Archaeological Museum and the Maritime Museum. Each neighborhood has its own personality, and the old center is full of life all week.

What is Bilbao famous for?

Bilbao combines a stylish vintage district, an industrial heritage, and stunning modern architecture in one of the largest cities in northern Spain.

Now, comes a relaxation time to enjoy your coffee and even more than that with a spectacular view!


Porto Venere and CinqueTerre

Porto Venere or CinqueTerre?

Porto Venre, located on the coast of Liguria is just an incredible small town.

I will talk only about Grotta di Byrron, the only one I wanted to visit going there beeing impressed of the pictures on social media. One of the natural places with incredible beauty, a cave that does not show what’s hiding behind. I liked what a saw.

A steep cliff, plenty of people sitting on rocks below, taking advantage of the sun’s rays and of the emerald water. If you would see that crystal water, it’s a sock. I couldn’t miss a swim.

The harbor promenade full of shops, stalls and restaurants but not big brands stores.

Ristorante Le Bocche, situated right on the waterfront, a very selective restaurant, pleasant and quiet with an amazing view.

The most famous place of Liguaria which is not to be missed is CinqueTerre. I am pretty sure you heard about it or saw some pictures.

There is it! Super close to each other. Take the train and in just a few you’ll be there.

So let me tell you. There are 5 small villages situated on the coastline. I went to each one of them by train.

It looks so unreal those houses built on the coast with an incredible sunrise and sunset view. I wish I could have that every day. It’s impressive how each of them have a different color. Looks like a childhood book.

In Manorola there is a great place to eat situated also on the coastline.

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I would suggest you to avoid July and August cause is terrible hot and crowded.

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Things to do in Barcelona

I could speak a lot of Barcelona, a place of the arts, the constructions reflecting the architectural avant-garde.
Beach, mountains, modern clubs, football, museums ??? If yes, stop thinking and the next holiday destination must be Barcelona.

Did you know that is the largest with a population with 1.6 milions after Madrid?

The historical center of the city stretches over a flat area while the hills surround the new and modern city.

Las Ramblas is the most famous and great boulevard going from the city center to the water front. Full of restaurants and cafes, shops, stalls, street artists, florists, bird vendors you can also see La Boqueria food market and Plaça Reial Square with incredible palm trees. 

This is my favorite restaurant, located on top of the hotel. 1989

Sagrada Família cann’t be missed. An immense church, started the construction in 1882 but unfortunately works on it today. Why ?? Is not funded from public money the budget being just donations and receipts from entry tickets. €40 the ticket fee and you should do the booking online in advance, atleast 3 days otherwise no chance to go in.

Climate, well if you want to stay at the beach you have to choose a summer season. With a Mediterranean climate and with high temperatures up to 30 degrees in summer, in winter you may have snow and autumn is usually very rainy.

If you’re looking for night life, there is also. The location of the clubs is at the beach. A street full of clubs. Each club has a different topic. The one I liked the most was Pacha.

Have fun!

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Amalfi Coast

The place that most impressed me in Europe was Amalfi Coast, located in southern Italy. Why? Besides the spectacular landscapes that the coast has the inhabitants have built houses on the steep coast. The whole coast is seen only as colored houses. Very impressive.

Naples, is the closest city to Amalfi, which does have an airport and port. It’s about 2 hours driving. The whole coast is divided into several villages: Sorrento, Positano and Amalfi Coast.

Where is the best pizza in Italy??? YESSS… is Napoli. And don’t you think is better when you have this balcony view? I think so.

Sorrento is the starting point of an escape on the coast of Italy. The narrow streets of the city reflect the old city of Surrentum with many buildings dating back hundreds of centuries. I could not leave Sorrento until I tried their special drink, limoncello, Italian lemon liqueur.

Carlos Mansi, the most famous Italian for the manufacture of limincello and is headquartered on the coast in Minori, located on Amalfi Coast. In this village are found the place of the ruins of a Roman villa, they are well preserved so that today they are open for tourists visits.

Don’t you leave Sorrento until you try Ristorante Terrazza Vittoria.

Positano is followed by another structure and architecture of a very spectacular city and started to become steeper coast as when arriving in Amalfi Coast to be very steep.

The streets are very narrow, must be driven with care.

Even that the streets are very high and terrible serpents they are considered to be the most beautiful streets in the world called Nastro Azzuro. The name was associated with the calm, serenity and spirituality of both the locality and the locals who are very calm, open, ready to help at any time. We also know that blue is found in waters and in heaven, which signifies peace.

On the entire coast is a single road, where you can find shops and everything you want. The people who live at the top of the coast have to descend the high stairs and then climb them back, there is no other way.

Is not a cheap place. The restaurant where I had lunch was $200 .

Now we should reach Amalfi Coast, the actual village. Here, the centre is not on the top. So you’ll see the coast from the bottom. Here is the place where you can rent a boat and the restaurants are on a flat ground. The prices are more affordable for food here.

Is an area that must be visited at least once in life. Whoever will visit will be amazed of how beautiful nature is and what the local people have done to develop it naturally and not artificially.

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Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca is the largest island of Spain and the most famous for an exotic destination in the Mediterranean Sea. With hot summers and cool winters any time is good to take.

Over the years due to the high volume of tourists a great emphasis has been placed on lifestyle and since now on visitors can choose from over 2.400 restaurants and bars .

This island has given me a warm and friendly feeling. A day of sunbathing or a walk in the evening will be a wonder on earth

Now, that you’re hungry and thirsty let’s go to Anima beach bar. All in white, super clean and situated on the beach will offer a large food variety. As well, they have them own beach, if you wanna be more privately.

I haven’t been here in winter time, so I can suggest you only summer. The weather is just perfect. I bet you’ll love it.


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Isle of Capri is a small point on the map of Italy, is an island in Naples, Italy. A unique views, mountainous island in the Tyrrhenian Sea. About 40 minutes by ferry from Napoli.

Is a tourist island visited annually by over half a million people and is super expensive one. You’ll find there only the big designers and only luxury restaurants. It can be a dream vacation, a luxurious one but make sure you take some money out of your wallet.

You can stay only at the port, go to the top where the luxury is or visit the highest point, Monte Solaro. There is a pretty restaurant. It is unbelievable what view it will wait for you there. Make sure you’ll catch the sunset.

So, if you will read my article and decide to visit Capri make sure you wanna visit the Faraglions, Capri’s most iconic sight. Either from the top they can be seen but the best way is by boat. Your captain will sail right through the stone archway of the Faraglione and if you’re with your lover make sure to kiss each other while passing through for good luck!

The Faraglions are rocky formations of the coast formed by waves erosion. The highest of them is 109 meters and is called Stella. On these rocks there are a lot of blue lizards, a very rare species.

There are 2 beaches for a dip in a shadow of the Faraglioni. La Fontelina and Da Luigi. Wanna mention that they are rochy beaches. The easiest way to reach is a ferry which will bring you to Marina Piccola.

This colorful water gave me the extreme energy of loving nature even more, enjoying that place and being very gratefull for everything I got to see.

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