Live, Work, Travel

Do you like the idea of ​​traveling and making money at the same time? I’ll tell my story, where I work and the places which I visited, places I never dream of. I started working on cruise ship in the spa doing manicure. I even got to work on the world’s largest cruise ship in […]

Barcelona, the city that doesn’t sleep

Barcelona, ​​I could speak a lot, a place of the arts, the constructions reflecting the architectural avant-garde. Beach, mountains, modern clubs, football, museums ??? If yes, stop thinking and the next holiday destination must be Barcelona. Located on the Mediterranean Coast, the capital of Catalonia that’s Barcelona. After Madrid, is the second largest with a population of […]

The steep coastline of Italy

The place that most impressed me in Europe was Amalfi Coast, located in southern Italy. Why? Besides the spectacular landscapes that the coast has it is architectural highlights, the inhabitants have built houses on the steep coast. The whole coast is seen only as colored houses. Very impressive. Naples, is the city closest to Amalfi, […]