Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca is the largest island of Spain and the most famous for an exotic destination in the Mediterranean Sea. With hot summers and cool winters any time is good to take.

Over the years due to the high volume of tourists a great emphasis has been placed on lifestyle and since now on visitors can choose from over 2.400 restaurants and bars .

This island has given me a warm and friendly feeling. A day of sunbathing or a walk in the evening will be a wonder on earth

Now, that you’re hungry and thirsty let’s go to Anima beach bar. All in white, super clean and situated on the beach will offer a large food variety. As well, they have them own beach, if you wanna be more privately.

I haven’t been here in winter time, so I can suggest you only summer. The weather is just perfect. I bet you’ll love it.


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What to visit in St.Maarten?

Let’s go first through this small piece of land Maho Beach. Wanna get any adrenaline and get a great picture as you catching the plane? Great! Than the beach in St.Maarten famous for the Princess Juliana International Airport is the place.

It is one of the few places in the world where airplanes can be seen just outside the runway. Watching the aircrafts on the beach is a highly populated activity by tourists. Daily flights are running the hole day. It’s something incredible and unique to see!

There is also many other beaches and resorts you can find close to the port. Except sunbathing, jet ski you could relax yourself in the shops. From small stores to the big brands, one day won’t be enough to go in all. Great deals though.

The food is really tasty especially if you’ll go to the french side. If you’re lazy and still wanna join the sun, most of the restaurants serve the food on the beach.

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Isle of Capri is a small point on the map of Italy, is an island in Naples, Italy. A unique views, mountainous island in the Tyrrhenian Sea. About 40 minutes by ferry from Napoli.

Is a tourist island visited annually by over half a million people and is super expensive one. You’ll find there only the big designers and only luxury restaurants. It can be a dream vacation, a luxurious one but make sure you take some money out of your wallet.

You can stay only at the port, go to the top where the luxury is or visit the highest point, Monte Solaro. There is a pretty restaurant. It is unbelievable what view it will wait for you there. Make sure you’ll catch the sunset.

So, if you will read my article and decide to visit Capri make sure you wanna visit the Faraglions, Capri’s most iconic sight. Either from the top they can be seen but the best way is by boat. Your captain will sail right through the stone archway of the Faraglione and if you’re with your lover make sure to kiss each other while passing through for good luck!

The Faraglions are rocky formations of the coast formed by waves erosion. The highest of them is 109 meters and is called Stella. On these rocks there are a lot of blue lizards, a very rare species.

There are 2 beaches for a dip in a shadow of the Faraglioni. La Fontelina and Da Luigi. Wanna mention that they are rochy beaches. The easiest way to reach is a ferry which will bring you to Marina Piccola.

This colorful water gave me the extreme energy of loving nature even more, enjoying that place and being very gratefull for everything I got to see.

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9 months cruising

I’ve got many messages how do I travel so much and I decided to write about it. My dream, like yours probably it was and still is to travel the world. Of course, we need money and the most important time.

So here I am now, visited more than 50 countries and 5 continents with my life in a suitcase.

I started my job on cruise ship. I started to work in a luxury SPA for the biggest cruise ship in the world, Harmony of the Seas. If you’re into crusing I’m sure you know the ship. So working for the biggest ship I’ve got also to work for the small ship. Let me tell you the difference. Harmony of the Seas with a capacity of 6.500 guests and 2.300 crew while SilverSea 390 guests and 300 crew. Yes, it’s a 6 star cruise line.

After 9 months on a beautiful spa I decided that I need a change. Why? The life on board working as a beautician didn’t give me much time off for traveling. I changed. Yes! For the perfect department, for myself, casino. I just love playing poker and all of the games. I enjoy all the fun and entertainement from the casino. Plus, is giving me that plenty off time off which I was telling tou, that time to feel like in vacation in each city, island,country we dock.

My first adventure started from Sydney. Would you even dream about that place? Cause I didn’t.

I don’t want to fool you now that everything is perfect and that there is no better life like here. By no means, will you ever know the truth of what is going on there and how the system works if you do not deal with such a job? Nope, you won’t.

It’s great as long as you make money and travel.

The job can be very stressful if you are “lucky enough” to be supervised by an asshole. Well, if not … life is easy.

You make friends, you’re never alone. But what is most frustrating and sad is the moment when one of your friends with whom you shared all the events, good or bad moods, Christmas, Easter, the moment you both cried and laugh together ends the contract and go home. Or you may be the one leaving them.

You will have friends from all over the world, all nationalities. When will you ever see each other again? I’ll tell you, never. Yes, I know … it’s sad.

That’s what some of it looks like to be a sailor.

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