Bilbao, Spain

HIDDEN TREASURES ”OF EUROPE, BILBAO, situated in northern Spain is very different from many other Spanish cities that you may have visited. Here you will not meet Portuguese or North African influences as in Andalusia and you will not enjoy an extensive beach like in Valencia or Barcelona.

What you will find instead are internationally famous museums, impressive modern architecture and the Basque culture.

The Guggenheim Museum of Contemporary Art is certainly the most famous attraction, but the list of recommendations also includes the Museum of Fine Arts, the Archaeological Museum and the Maritime Museum. Each neighborhood has its own personality, and the old center is full of life all week.

What is Bilbao famous for?

Bilbao combines a stylish vintage district, an industrial heritage, and stunning modern architecture in one of the largest cities in northern Spain.

Now, comes a relaxation time to enjoy your coffee and even more than that with a spectacular view!