Porto Venere and CinqueTerre

Porto Venere or CinqueTerre?

Porto Venre, located on the coast of Liguria is just an incredible small town.

I will talk only about Grotta di Byrron, the only one I wanted to visit going there beeing impressed of the pictures on social media. One of the natural places with incredible beauty, a cave that does not show what’s hiding behind. I liked what a saw.

A steep cliff, plenty of people sitting on rocks below, taking advantage of the sun’s rays and of the emerald water. If you would see that crystal water, it’s a sock. I couldn’t miss a swim.

The harbor promenade full of shops, stalls and restaurants but not big brands stores.

Ristorante Le Bocche, situated right on the waterfront, a very selective restaurant, pleasant and quiet with an amazing view.

The most famous place of Liguaria which is not to be missed is CinqueTerre. I am pretty sure you heard about it or saw some pictures.

There is it! Super close to each other. Take the train and in just a few you’ll be there.

So let me tell you. There are 5 small villages situated on the coastline. I went to each one of them by train.

It looks so unreal those houses built on the coast with an incredible sunrise and sunset view. I wish I could have that every day. It’s impressive how each of them have a different color. Looks like a childhood book.

In Manorola there is a great place to eat situated also on the coastline.

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I would suggest you to avoid July and August cause is terrible hot and crowded.

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