Where in the Pacific?

I have 3 islands in the Pacific to talk about it today.

I will start with New Zealand which is an island country, composed of two very large islands and a few small islands, situated in the South-West Pacific Ocean.

Wellington, the capital city and Tauranga, the most popular city of the North of New Zealand.

Wellington, beeing as well the second most populos city of New Zealand and is more a formal city. It’s exception for shopping and a littel bit expensive.

Tauranga is very populated city, perfect place for the beach, for hiking. It’s full of vegetation.

An exotic destination that is not to be missed is Vila, Vanuatu. Port Vila is the most important city and capital of Vanuatu. Located in the southern Pacific Ocean, it is at a distance of 1700 km from Australia. The island country of Vanuatu being an archipelago, has another 70 islands.

Although they have developed through tourism, being the main branch but also agriculture and fishing, the country is receiving foreign aid from New Zealand and Australia.

Malaysians, Asian, European and Polynesian but Malaysians include Vila Port on the largest surface.
It is good to know that the languages spoken are English and French.

Now, if you’re thinking about a vacation, it’s good to schedule between November and May, being the warm weather. In the rest of the year the climate is slightly cooler, with a minimum of 20 degrees. It is good to consider that it is a country prone to hurricanes because alisee winds make their presence from December to April.

I have more to say about the famous Blue Lagoon, there I spent most of the day. I also made a small tour of the city and I visited a beach. It is good to know that every beach you go there is a tax of $20 Australian to get in but rewarding I say.

The lagoon, 70 meters long and 40 meters wide, surounded of banquets, what elese to ask for?

…and now I remember every single moment😎On the tree, sitting above the crystalline water, leaving the rays of the sun to hit my face, my body and forgetting about absolutely everything.


 An the last one to talk about in this article is the exotic island “Isle of Pines”. This one be visited only by ship, there are no hotels where to stay.

Located in the Pacific Ocean, east of Australia in the archipelago of New Caledonia with a French collectivity and the nickname “The Closest Island to the Paradise” belongs to it.
The island is not very large but has a great lagoon where you can do scuba diving, snorkeling and the coral and tropical fish can be seen in clear water.

I was very fascinated by the beauties of nature, although it gave me the little thought of cannibal island being in the past. I have explored the island, walking through the forest, sunbathing and snorkeling.

Very friendly local people.

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