Playa del Carmen

One of my greatest passions is to explore new places, to learn new cultures and to meet people from all over the world. My job helps me to fulfill my dream.

I was recently in Playa del Carmen, one of the island I really wanted to visit.

And there I was 😍

Either from Cozumel or Cancun is very easy to reach, around 30 minutes by ferry ⛴, only $18 both ways. Not bad!

Many years ago it was just an island of fishermen, nothing else. Over time, tourism has grown rapidly with the help of ferryboats and cruise ships that carried tourists from world.

It’s the perfect place to escape from the crowds of Cozumel, Cancun, Chetumal … The beaches are very clean, the white and fine sand waiting to get new visitors. Everything is in the harbor. Stores, restaurants, stalls, beaches and beautiful shows on top of it.

Shopping is good quality and affordable, tax free !!! Handmade collections very easy to find, also let’s not forget about the big designers who are very famous are there.  

The food is delicious. No complaint 😁My favorite “quesadilla con pollo y una servesa por favor” tacos y avocado.

The beaches even if they are full of tourists are quiet and clean. No aquatic activities. Along the are plenty of restaurants with various traditional food, umbrellas and chairs. The sun’s rays are so strong, ready to get you a perfect tan!

Let me know if you have been there! Can’t wait to hear your story too 😍