Things to do in Barcelona

I could speak a lot of Barcelona, a place of the arts, the constructions reflecting the architectural avant-garde.
Beach, mountains, modern clubs, football, museums ??? If yes, stop thinking and the next holiday destination must be Barcelona.

Did you know that is the largest with a population with 1.6 milions after Madrid?

The historical center of the city stretches over a flat area while the hills surround the new and modern city.

Las Ramblas is the most famous and great boulevard going from the city center to the water front. Full of restaurants and cafes, shops, stalls, street artists, florists, bird vendors you can also see La Boqueria food market and Plaça Reial Square with incredible palm trees. 

This is my favorite restaurant, located on top of the hotel. 1989

Sagrada Família cann’t be missed. An immense church, started the construction in 1882 but unfortunately works on it today. Why ?? Is not funded from public money the budget being just donations and receipts from entry tickets. €40 the ticket fee and you should do the booking online in advance, atleast 3 days otherwise no chance to go in.

Climate, well if you want to stay at the beach you have to choose a summer season. With a Mediterranean climate and with high temperatures up to 30 degrees in summer, in winter you may have snow and autumn is usually very rainy.

If you’re looking for night life, there is also. The location of the clubs is at the beach. A street full of clubs. Each club has a different topic. The one I liked the most was Pacha.

Have fun!

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